About Twikrs

Twikrs is about YOU.
Your house, your office, your favorite spaces, your life celebrations...

Twikrs is about personalizing the places where you need to feel the most comfortable.
Customize them... Tweak Your Life.

tweak (twi:k)

To fine-tune or make small adjustments

The beginning

Twikrs was born from our passion to adapt the things in our life, to our moods and styles. We knew we could create great designs so we started making them for us and our family.

A customized bedside table... A customized canvas... Refurbished old dressers... Let's make this one fit with the kids room...

We realized this was not easy for a lot of people, but, the desire to change their surroundings was shared by many. Especially in a world of standardization...
So we set out to figure a way for people to easily tweak their stuff.

We began with vinyl stickers. Tweaking stickers. Twikrs.

Have fun and tweak your life!