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What you wish for your home… we’ll make.

When it comes to the corners of my home, I’m a constant change. I replace armchairs, desks and puffs; change my living room layout; I constantly order custom furniture to fit perfectly; and I’m always changing colors.

I’m not particularly a fan of bright colors and seriously admire professionals who have the courage (and wisdom) to decorate entire spaces with bright yellow or roasted red.
I’m just a passionate decorator, so can’t abuse in my choices and have a house in pastel shades: pale blue here, beige one there… In the toys room I innovate and painted a red wall!

Now that the kids are growing and already going to school, I’ll turn it into the office of the little ones. Wait to see the end result towards the end of the year!
Here I go… ordered some custom furniture, desks included and lots of lights.

I do not know how to wait so I have already started with the red wall with a “do it yourself”. I can’t stand still, I know!
The room is still the toys room, but with a giant vintage world map tacked on cork. I’ll also mark each kid’s space with custom letters. Gold letters. An S, a V and an I. — this is gonna be fun!

I still have much work ahead and anxious for quick results, but aware that not everything is done in a day.



Posted in All Posts on Sep 29, 2016 12:48:33 AM
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