How to use Twikrs

Vinyl Stickers

Our vinyl stickers are printed on high quality, easy to apply and fault tolerant vinyl.
Your order package will include detailed instructions on how to apply the vinyl to your furniture or wall.

Procedure Overview:

  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Remove all dust and humidity;
  • Apply the vinyl, from one of the top corners and gently proceed from that corner to the opposite corner;
  • Use a cloth to ensure the vinyl is glued without air bubbles or wrinkles;
  • If you notice a wrikle, gently pull the vinyl back, enough to remove the wrinkle and repeat;

Vinyl Sticker Notes:

  • The vinyl won't damage your furniture. It can be safely removed and replaced by another vinyl;
  • At least for large sizes, we recommend two people for this process;
  • If you don't feel you'll be able to apply the vinyl, a general contractor should have no problems;


Our canvases are light weight and have a hanging hole on the top side.
You'll need a nail on the wall or some similar hanging product

You can also frame the canvas just like any other painting.

Light Letters

Our light letters have a battery operated led lights. The are very efficient so the battery should last about a year depending on the amount of time the lights are turned on.

These letters are made of PVC so they are very light weight. Thus they can be placed on any shelve or easily hanged on the wall.